Secure and Resilient Connectivity

Government Communications

Governments require secure and highly dependable communications for Embassy and other international operations. Access to local services may be limited, may be considered insecure, or not offer sufficient bandwidth. Satellite services can address some of the issues, but there may be logistical, operational, and technical restrictions.

The solution requires a generic approach providing a fast, reliable and secure data link for the Government organisation and its critical applications, incorporating different network services such as terrestrial, cellular and satellite without being limited by underlying physical assets.

RazorLink can provide this approach. As a SD-WAN solution that offers WAN Optimisation across a wide variety of physical networks, it combines services offering a true Hybrid WAN for additional bandwidth or failover, while providing end-to-end encryption.

RazorLink is a software solution that can be installed on a Mac or PC, deployed like a router (physical or virtual). The counterpart can be run on dedicated hardware or virtualised on Private or Public Cloud services.

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