Highly Portable, Battery Powered SNG Solutions

Capable of operating in a hostile environment where there is little or no infratsructure

Government & Military Reporting

Government and military media teams offer an important service to the public, telling the story from areas not accessible to mainstream journalists and providing situation awareness in extreme and dangerous locations.
Newsgathering in restricted areas can present a number of challenges. There may be no cellular infrastructure or access to power; the equipment must be highly portable and capable of operating on land, at sea or from aircraft.

Livewire Digital provides equipment that can deliver a live feed or file based media from the most extreme locations. Designed to work with portable satellite services such as Inmarsat BGAN, M-Link Live X can transmit a live, low latency video feed from anywhere in the world, managing all aspects of satellite terminal control. Likewise, M-Link Newscaster can encode and deliver High Definition file based media, even bonding multiple satellite terminals to speed delivery.

RazorLink Smart Networking technology is bundled with the M-Link product range allowing the use of whatever network services are available, bonding satellite, cellular and terrestrial networks, accelerating data transfers and importantly, securing the link and encrypting the traffic.

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