Connectivity for Inshore Waters or Mid Ocean

Seamlessly integrating satellite, cellular and marina WiFi. Optimising and securing connectivity to HQ or the Cloud

Maritime Communications

Livewire Digital has over 25 years experience in designing communications systems for the maritime industry, we understand the challenges, cost and security implications, and the underlying technologies.  Reliable communication is an essential factor to all maritime applications, be it on-board a single-handed IMOCA 60, a commercial shipping fleet, a cruise liner, or a luxury yacht.

Most ocean going vessels have access to satellite communications providing telephone and data services. However, with the move towards a ‘connected world’ the demand for more bandwidth and ‘always on’ Internet increases.  With the advent of autonomous vessels the requirement for resilient, secure communications becomes a critical factor.

There are many satellite systems and service providers, all with different merits and coverage areas. Combine this with access to fast cellular services, ubiquitous port and marina Wi-Fi systems when in-shore, and it is easy to understand how complex the problem of managing communications has become.

Third party products can assist, allowing a vessel to select a particular service, but only one service can be used at a time and each switch over will cause all on-board applications to have to re-establish their links with the shore. With more services, a higher demand for bandwidth and significant pressure on cost, this is no longer a viable approach.

To address these challenges RazorLink can provide a seamless transition between services and combine them for additional bandwidth. RazorLink can secure the link, encrypting data whatever route the traffic takes. RazorLink can accelerate data transfer, improving the performance of applications over high latency satellite, poor quality cellular coverage and intermittent Wi-Fi links.

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