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Software Development

Livewire Digital has over 25 years experience designing software. Our expertise ranges from real time OS and firmware, mobile applications, standalone A/V applications, Cloud Services, remote management, to cross platform Software Defined Networking.

Whether the project is an embedded control system, a multi-process distributed architecture, or a TTCN compiler, Livewire Digital has the capabilities to deliver a “turn key” solution.

Projects include bespoke Mobile Journalism apps for a mainstream News agency, Type Approval systems for a satellite operator, media & communications systems for the Volvo Ocean Race, and the design of a multi-cast Radio Access Network as part of a European Space Agency contract.

Our cross platform knowledge covers Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android with applications written in assembler, C, C++, Python, Java and derivatives. Applications may include SQL databases and native or web based user interfaces.

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