Test case manager

Test Case Manager

The ‘Test Case Manager’ (TCM) has been designed by Livewire Digital to provide a comprehensive TTCN type approval system. The system features an integrated TTCN2 compiler and the capability to model different aspects of a protocol stack as independent TCM Server tasks.

The TCM is used by Inmarsat for the design and verification of the Inmarsat BGAN services and by the terminal manufacturers (including Cobham, EMS, Hughes Network Systems, Furuno, JRC, Add Value, TRL and TTP) for validation and formal type approval.

The TCM architecture has also been used for realise a comercial multicast RAN as part of a ESA project.

Key features

  • Learn about the functionalities and options that TCM provides


Fully compliant TTCN-2 compiler with ASN.1 support, auto-generating encoders and decoders and sophisticated monitoring and analysis tools


The TCM offers a clean, modular design that can be readily adapted to a wide range of applications.


The highly optimised database records system events – correlated displays of TTCN execution and signalling can be provided to the user.

The Test Case Manager provides facilities for:

  • The development of Executive Test Suites (ETS), including the compilation of TTCN ‘.mp’ files
  • The run-time operation of an ETS, including the editing of the Test Suite Parameters (TSP), and the selection and execution of Test Cases
  • The analysis of the signaling taking place within the system

The TCM presents a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that integrates the features common to all ETS, with those features specific to a particular implementation.

The TCM is designed with the  concept of ‘Managers and Servers’.

‘Managers’ are directly coupled to the TCM IDE and have no inherent knowledge of a given ETS .

‘Servers’ provide the link between the abstract environment of TTCN and the physical hardware. While the ‘Servers’ are separate processes, they are managed via graphical control screens within the TCM IDE framework.

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