VR360 8K LIVE via SilverBlade at IBC 2018

Livewire Digital partnered with Focal Point VR to enable “end to end” streaming of very high definition 360° VR content from anywhere.

From the stand at IBC, Focal Point VR’s cameras and equipment were used to stream 4K professional 360° live video to YouTube, and Facebook.

This was achieved by using SilverBlade II to bond 5 cellular modems and add resilience to the stream.

8K demonstrations were also carried out to a dedicated 8K streaming platform for a corporate customer. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have a maximum resolution of 4K, so cannot accept the ultra-high resolution 8K feed.

The 4k 360° content was streamed at between 15-30Mbit/s and the 8K 360° streaming at 30-50Mbit/s.

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